SAP Cloud for Sales

Work Smarter, Sell More

As with any profession, your sales team needs the right tools in order to work effectively.  With today’s speed of business and level of competition, old sales tools just aren’t cutting it any more.  Your sales force needs easy-to-use applications that allow real-time collaboration, mobility and integration that will enable your sales people to work smarter and close more deals.
Not only does Sales OnDemand come equipped with all of these features, it’s also designed specifically for sales teams and created to fit the way your sales team sells.

CollaborationCloud solution for sales

SAP Sales OnDemand enables instant collaboration between your sales team members and with your extended sales community.  Sales OnDemand’s collaboration functionality facilitates crowd-sourcing, sharing of sales best practices and communication of relevant information on specific accounts and opportunities.  Your sales force can plan and prepare for meetings and presentations no matter where they are.  Leverage the collective genius of your whole sales team, instead of the fragmented talent of its individual members.


In order to be competitive today, you need to be able to access your work on an airplane, from a client’s office, or at that really long red light you hit every day on the way to work. That’s why Sales OnDemand is not only on the cloud, but also supports a wide range of mobile devices including iPads, iPhones and BlackBerrys, giving you access to real-time sales information anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

SAP Sales OnDemand helps you work more efficiently by providing full integration with Microsoft Outlook.  Rather than jumping back and forth between Outlook and your Sales application, you can do all of your work in one place, never losing context or leaving work half done.  Stop wasting your time copy/pasting.  Instead, spend more time selling effectively.

ERP Integration

SAP Sales OnDemand integrates seamlessly with your ERP system, providing your sales force with hassle-free access to your back-office information, from products and pricing to quotes and sales orders.  Realize significantly faster and more cost-effective integration than with standalone sales applications.  Sales OnDemand is the perfect way to enhance your sales team while leveraging your company’s existing IT investment.


SAP Sales OnDemand provides your sales people with relevant, real-time customer information and sales insight that will allow you to make quick and informed decisions and ultimately beat your competition to the punch.  Preconfigured dashboards and embedded reports enable your sales force to track important metrics such as sales cycles, wins and losses, and revenue trends.  Further track your sales function though configurable reports tailored to your company’s specific needs.

The User Experience

Built similarly to social networking sites, SAP Sales OnDemand is friendly and easy-to-use, allowing your salespeople to quickly find the people and information they need, as well as collaborate with their teammates.

Relevant sales information is delivered on time and in context using an easy-to-read, easy-to-use format.   A message feed similar to those found on social media sites allows all team members to be in synch with each other.  Tags and flags can be used to mark relevant information in a way your salespeople are already accustomed to.  In short, Sales OnDemand allows your team members to be prepared for every call and every close.

Account Management

Sales OnDemand’s easily accessible sales automation functionality lets your sales team members quickly and effectively manage their accounts.  Team members can work with their colleagues on important documents, tap into intelligence on the competition and access product and pricing information.  With SAP Sales OnDemand, you can keep tabs on opportunity and account performance, allowing your team to sell better while providing managers with the transparency they need.