SAP for Blood and Tissue Labs

The Problem and the Solution

Laboratories require seamless data flow throughout the organization in order to circumvent data friction and support growth.  Domain’s software solutions for small to midsize businesses were created to give you a 360 degree view of your operation.  Our software can integrate your company onto a single system.  This data unity means that your CRM, SCM, and ERP are no longer on isolated platforms.  Specific for labs, our
solutions allow you to import test utilization data by customer and CPT code from your laboratory information system so that your most important operational data is stored in one place across your entire enterprise.  This, in combination with the software’s powerful analytics, allows your company to be proactive and manage by exception.

Laboratory Analytics

Domain specialized in SAP solutions for laboratory services that provide advanced analytics right out of the box.  SAP solutions are preprogrammed with over 200 key performance indicators.  If needed, additional KPIs can easily be added to the software at any point in time.  User-specific dashboards can be created by choosing among the selection of built-in KPIs, along with any KPIs you have created.Information systems for Blood Labs

Key performance metrics can also be attached to alerts. Within the system, you can program the system to alert you when predefined thresholds are reached. This feature allows your company to be proactive, allowing you to fix problems before they even become problems.  Further, in order to prevent any disk latency, analytics are processed directly from memory with SAP HANA.

KPIs contained in ByDesign that are pertinent to laboratories include:

Utilization– Allows you to use customer and CPT codes to measure commitments versus actual utilization within a given time frame.

Misuse– Will detect any misuse of your delivered test kits.

Frequency– Will trigger an alert to let you know when demand for a given test changes due to changing trends and health issues.

Margin– Enables you to continually monitor your lab test margins.  The margin KPI allows you to pinpoint and target customers with the highest demand for your higher margin tests.

Starter Packs for LaboratoriesSAP for Blood and Tissue Labs

Domain Consulting Group offers a starter package specifically tailored to laboratories.  The starter package is fixed in scope and cost, making it a great way to minimize implementation risk. There are three levels of starter packs to choose from: Customer Relationship Management, Financials, and Supply Chain Management.  The Financials starter pack includes CRM.  The Supply Chain Management starter pack includes CRM, Financials, and Inventory and Movement.  The SCM starter pack allows you to control the purchase, delivery, and return of your test kits.

An addition, projects can be implemented in order to connect your starter pack to your current laboratory system.  This task can also be fixed in cost in order to minimize your investment risk; however, this cost will be determined based on the extent of the task.

Business One Supports Specific Life Sciences Requirements

Expiration Dates

Manage and maintain your inventory by expiration dates of both raw materials and finished goods.  Never let a product expire by using your oldest inventory first.  Implement alerts to notify management of impending expirations.

Lot Batch and Serial Number Tracking

Within either system, you can maintain raw materials and finished goods by lot, batch, or serial number.  The system also enables you to maintain critical information for each production batch, including test results. In the unfortunate event that a product recall is necessary, you will be able to trace finished goods to the specific raw materials that were used to produce them and vice versa.