SAP Implementation in the Food & Beverage Industry

The quality, integrity, and sustainability of any perishables under your company’s purview depends heavily on the lengths your teams are enabled to provide adequate oversight over your transportation lanes. Food can be fairly reliably maintained within a climate-controlled atmosphere inside a warehouse. In contrast, anything being transferred via truck, plane, ship, train, or another mode of transportation runs a much higher risk of failure. SAP implementation in the food & beverage industry is essential for comprehensive management across a worldwide travel network, giving your company the forewarning needed to identify and adapt to sudden changes before losing your products.

SAP Implementation in the Food & Beverage Industry

Enabling that level of omnipresence, which would have been unfeasible a decade-plus ago, is well within your power. Domain Technology Group offers a wide range of affordable IT solutions and services designed to bring your business operations to their peak. Rounding out your organization’s tools, resources, and support with high-end technology tailored to enhance company operations in nearly any industry. Consolidating your functions to a single, intuitive platform or expanding your influence to monitor every corner of your network aren’t easy goals to achieve. Our teams will work with you to develop flexible, innovative solutions that adhere to your infrastructural design and optimize company functions while lowering the overhead cost of operations.

Real-Time Tracking

The transport of goods has always been a risky procedure, which has been honed to a fine point for reliable delivery in the modern era. Nearly every conceivable product reaches its destination intact and undamaged with a high degree of accuracy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it arrived on its own merit. Applying technologies that secure, monitor, communicate, regulate, and aggregate data make the shipping process efficient.

Among the industries that rely on transport, the food and beverage industry requires greater attention to detail and minutiae to ensure any expirables reach their destination on time. As you might imagine, consumables are naturally on a ticking clock. Any deviation from the norm can result in tarnished, destroyed, spoiled, or unsafe foodstuffs that can’t be sold on shelves. There’s no recourse but to throw it away, resulting in substantial losses to your bottom line.

The need for powerful insight into the delivery process has resulted in the emerging field of condition monitoring. Any factor within your shipment’s environment that experiences a sudden change can potentially destroy the integrity of your shipment. Some of these factors include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Shock/Drop
  • Tilt
  • Vibration
  • Light

Domain Technology Group utilizes SenseIT IoT technology to provide unprecedented visibility into your assets en route across the world. It’s a collection of cellular sensors, geospatial maps, alerting algorithms, and analytical reports keeping your teams apprised of the change, location, and progress of every shipment under your umbrella.

Even if something occurs, your company has condition monitoring that offers immediate maintenance and preventative action capability to salvage shipments before you lose them. Domain Technology Group provides implementation and support services that give your business a competitive edge, reacting to changes on the transportation highway before they actively damage your bottom line.

The entire map of your shipping lanes can be controlled, monitored, and deployed from a single centralized interface, simplifying overall SAP implementation in the food & beverage industry. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.