SAP for the Service Industry

SAP Business One supports the creation of service requests and service orders.  The customer service representative first attempts to resolve the call using the large knowledgebase included in each program.  If the solution to an issue cannot be resolved via the knowledgebase, the service request can be easily converted into a service order.  A technician is Service Managementthen dispatched for an onsite service call.  With Business One, service providers can use the system to maintain prioritized queues of service calls.  Prior to the service call, the service responder can use the system directly to order spare parts either from inventory or a supplier.  Service calls can then be dispatched, executed, and closed remotely using the powerful mobility tools provided by each package.  Service fees are based on time and materials consumed, service agreements, and warranties.  Warranties may be manufacturer’s warranties or internal warranties.

During this process, any revisions to the service call such as spare parts, repair time, and travel time and expenses can be transferred into an invoice request.  That request is then reviewed and converted into an invoice.  The invoice is automatically emailed to the client contact person.