SAP for Food Manufacturers

Domain has experience with the many specific requirements of the food manufacturing industry.  In combination with the SAP programs offered, Business ByDesign or Business One, Domain is able to provide your company with the support needed to handle these requirements.

Forward and Backward Lot Tracing

Both programs support forward and backward lot tracing based on serial numbers or batch/lot numbers.  One of the systems’ key capabilities is maintaining the batch numbers of any input ingredients, as well as the batch numbers of finished product.  This capability allows you to know the specific raw materials that correspond with specific finished product, and vice versa.  This means that even in the case that a recall is necessary, the recall process will be as quick and painless as possible.

Expiration DatesERP for Food Manufacturing

A second notable capability held by both systems is the maintenance of expiration dates. SAP Business One not only keeps track of the expiration dates of all product inputs and outputs, but also helps you manage your inventory accordingly through features such as alerts that you can implement in order to prevent expired inventory.  These alerts enable you to use your oldest raw materials first and ship your oldest finished product first; ensuring no inventory becomes expired.


Most food manufacturers and distributors rely heavily on electronic data interchange (EDI).  With many companies in the industry, this has become necessary due to the sheer volume of data being processed on a regular basis.  In other cases, EDI is required by the customer.

SAP software can be linked virtually effortlessly to your current EDI provider with the help of Domain and Extol Business Integrator.  To learn more about the power and effectiveness of Extol integration tools, follow the link

Utilizing the existing components of mid-market SAP software coupled with Extol Business Integration tools, your firm will be prepared to comply with customer electronic transfer mandates, as well as FDA and other federal mandates.

eCommerce Site

Implement a dynamic eCommerce site for you company via Business One that is tightly integrated with your existing ERP.  Whether your company is involved in B2B or B2C transactions, orders placed on your eCommerce website are immediately available for processing in the ERP, making your business even more efficient and even more profitable than before.