SAP Consulting Company Baltimore, MD

When you need an SAP consulting and implementation company in the Baltimore, MD area, Domain Technology Group can introduce you to affordable solutions. In today’s increasingly complex business landscape that involves cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), we can help you stay ahead of the curve without driving up cost.

Domain Technology Group, an experienced SAP partner based in the Philadelphia area, delivers state-of-the-art cloud and on-premise solutions for businesses looking to leverage ERP technology to significantly improve efficiency and productivity.

SAP Consulting Company Baltimore, MD

The Domain team combines extensive experience in strategy, process improvement, digital technologies and organizational effectiveness with expertise in IoT deployments. We work with SAP to deliver best-in-class ERP and IoT solutions for your business, such as SAP Business One, that will optimize your processes and improve your decision-making capabilities.

SAP Business One synchronizes all resources and systems within your organization so that every business function relies on a single database.  With a single source of real-time data, the solution breaks up information gridlock and helps your staff make decisions more quickly. With out-of-the- box automated alerts, analytics, and mobility solutions, SAP Business One is a true business management system.

SAP Business One powered by HANA ensures that daily tasks – like searching for data, creating dashboards, and producing reports – are done faster. In other words, you get crucial information at your fingertips to help you make smarter, faster decisions.

If you are considering an ERP solution for your business, you should select one that offers the most value and provides the greatest return on your investment. SAP Business One is an exceptional solution for customers who want to reduce costs, improve flexibility, improve quality, and eliminate operational complexity.

With SAP Business One, you can also manage your entire shipping and fulfillment process more efficiently from SAP Business One – the same ERP system you use for everything else.

Asset Monitoring Solutions

Due to the availability of inexpensive sensors, affordable connectivity, scalable cloud platforms, and the vast processing and storage capabilities of big data platforms, the IoT offers innovative solutions for supply chain operations, with processes and applications never thought possible.

SenseIT IoT by Domain captures sensor data from around the world, standardizes, consolidates and maintains it in a SAP HANA database in the cloud, and pushes the data to ERP, enabling you to quickly locate shipments globally and alerting you to condition changes that affect your in-transit products, including temperature, moisture, acceleration, tilt, shock, broken seals, and other variables.

SenseIT IoT by Domain works with various sensors – cellular, satellite (and combinations). If we do not support your sensor, we will most likely add it to the SenseIT interpreter. If your company is not on an SAP platform, SenseIT IoT can integrate with other ERP platforms, such as NetSuite.

As a leading SAP consulting company in the Baltimore, MD area, Domain Technology Group can help you decide on the appropriate level of integration for your individual business that will best serve your organization’s future ambitions. Contact us at (610) 374-7644 ext. 7005 for a free consultation and demo.