SAP Consulting Companies – Why Choose Domain?

Domain Consulting Group works with SAP to deliver the absolute best solution for you in order to enable your company to achieve greater efficiency and improve its bottom line.  Domain works closely with our clients to ensure that they get the individual attention they need to drive projects to their ultimate success—training, support and all.

Domain Consulting Group has 20 years of experience with SAP and extensive knowledge of SAP offerings and best practices.   The team has vast experience working in several different industries, and has worked with companies of  various sizes, structures, and software requirements.  Our team is confident in our ability to match your company with the SAP software that will drastically enhance your business operations.

Another distinctive benefit to choosing Domain Consulting Group is that they are the sister company of Domain Technology Group.  The offerings of these two companies work well together in order to even better improve your business.  Domain Technology Group works with HP, Microsoft, and other leading technology providers.  Utilizing Domain Consulting Group in tandem with Domain Technology Group can result in dynamic combinations such as SAP Business ByDesign and Microsoft Office365—a combination that will put all of your software requirements in the cloud, totally streamlining your company’s flow of information.