SAP Business One for Life Sciences

Many of the larger life sciences companies already run on an SAP platform.  SAP products R3 and All in One are perfect for these larger companies. However, both SAP and Domain are in tune with the needs of small to midsize companies.  We recognize that they require some of the same functionality as larger companies, but within an easy-to-use and affordable solution.  This is why SAP has created SAP Business One.

Domain Consulting Group, Inc. works with emerging and midsize pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing firms in the Life Sciences industry in order to implement core functionality at their pace.  Emerging life sciences firms often begin with a Software for Life Sciencessimple and controlled initial investment with little to no risk involved.  An option for this type of firm is the implementation of a “starter package.”  A starter package is a fixed scope project with a fixed implementation cost.  The implementation of a starter package follows a prescriptive project plan.  In this plan, all expectations, deliverables, and project responsibilities are clearly defined.   The system itself manages the project from within.  An emerging company, for example, can start with a small piece of the software package, such as CRM, and implement additional functionality such as financials, supply chain management (SCM), and manufacturing, as they see fit.  If needed, project management can also be implemented and integrated into the system.

Addressing Industry Specific Requirements

Forward and Backward Lot/Batch Tracing

SAP Business One addresses the specific requirements of the Life Sciences industry.  First, the system is capable of forward and backward lot tracing based on serial numbers or batch/lot numbers.  The system will maintain batch numbers of all input ingredients, as well as the batch number of your finished product.  This allows you to match finished goods to their specific raw materials.  In the unfortunate case that a recall must occur, lot tracing function of the SAP Business of for Life Sciences solution will make for a quick and efficient recall.

Expiration Dates

SAP Business One has the capability to manage the expiration dates of all product inputs and finished goods.  This allows you to better manage your inventory based on these expiration dates.  You, the user, are able to implement alerts in order to prevent your inventory from expiring by using the oldest raw materials first and shipping the oldest finished goods first.  This capability will save your Life Sciences company the time and energy consumed when inputs and outputs expire.