ERP Consultants in Baltimore

The experienced ERP consultants at Domain Technology Group would love the opportunity to show you how we work with businesses in the Baltimore area to get the most from their ERP business software.

Domain Technology Group, an SAP partner, is an information systems consulting company based in the Philadelphia area. We deliver exceptional services to small and mid-sized businesses looking to leverage enterprise resource planning technology to significantly improve efficiency and productivity and take growth to the next level.

If your accounting staff uses one system for receivables and payables, your sales staff uses another to process customer orders, and your warehouse employees use a completely different system for shipping and receiving, it may be the ideal time for your business to consider ERP software, such as SAP Business One ERP.

How SAP Business One Can Help Your Business

SAP Business One is an exceptional solution for businesses that want to reduce costs, improve flexibility, and eliminate operational complexity through an on-premise or cloud solution.

ERP Consultants in BaltimoreManufacturing Solutions

The manufacturing industry is extremely fast paced and competitive, and companies must be ready to react to frequent scheduling changes, material shortages and resource capacity.

SAP Business One for Manufacturing features incomparable scheduling, capacity planning, routes and operational functionality. It provides your manufacturing enterprise with a complete view of information and many automated processes to support materials management, warehousing, production and commerce.

Among other benefits, SAP Business One can help your business achieve higher machine and labor utilization rates, reduced lead times and work in progress, more predictable delivery times and the ability to calculate accurate and reliable order margins.

SAP Business One, coupled with an add-on called BEAS, is the optimal solution for SME manufacturing firms.

eCommerce Solutions

Creating an online presence will help you level the playing field against larger competitors by allowing you to reach a broader customer base.  Domain Technology Group can provide solutions to meet your needs, no matter how simple or complex your business, and help your company reach a broader audience with a dynamic online presence.

SAP Business One’s ecommerce functionality lets you synchronize all online orders and inventory automatically. Pre-integrating third-party zedIT can extend the advantages of your system by helping you design, build and configure online stores using customizable templates and tools that manage online catalogs and integrate negotiated, customer-specific price lists.

Accounting Management Solutions

SAP Business One Accounting and Financials helps you better manage your general ledger, journals, budgets, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Conduct all of your banking activities, reconcile various accounts, and create financial reports for profit and loss, cash flow and aging.

In addition to many other capabilities, the system is highly configurable and includes a patented tax engine designed to address complex tax requirements while maintaining a user-friendly interface that can be maintained by your company’s tax professional.

Cloud Solutions

SAP Business One Cloud delivers the application’s latest functionality without the need to deploy on-premise software. The cloud solution enables you to access your data safely and securely anywhere, anytime.

Businesses get the support they need and the simplicity, security, fast system response time, and low cost subscription fees of cloud computing. Whether it is hosted on SQL or SAP HANA, benefits include an accelerated implementation and rapid time to value.

An ERP system can be one of the most transformative investments a business in Baltimore or anywhere else can make. Experienced consultants, such as Domain Technology Group, will work within your budget to help you achieve the best results. Call us today at (610) 374-7644 for a free consultation and demo.