Cybersecurity Assessments Reading, PA

Cybersecurity is top of mind these days for all types of businesses in Reading, PA. Take advantage of the cybersecurity assessment services from Domain Technology Group to protect your vital business data from threats.

Domain Technology Group, an SAP partner, is an information systems consulting company based in the Philadelphia area. We help businesses of all sizes optimize their end-to-end business processes, lower their technology costs, and achieve faster time-to-value with systems that can be implemented quickly, are simple to maintain, and minimize end-user training.

Our team has extensive experience in data breach assessment, vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, Web application assessment, IT risk assessment, threat management, and incident response.

Whether your company is small or large, we can help you detect the internal and external cybersecurity threats facing your information assets and implement IT security solutions to safeguard your valuable data so that your business can continue operating no matter what disaster comes your way.

Cybersecurity Assessments Reading, PA

Domain’s Cybersecurity Services

The four tiers of Domain’s cybersecurity program are assessment, monitoring, prevention, and incident response.  They can be conducted together (consecutively) or a la carte. When gaps in security are found, they are documented and reported to the appropriate individuals with recommended actions for eliminating gaps and vulnerabilities.

One of the most crucial cybersecurity services that Domain Technology Group performs for clients is a vulnerability assessment, also known as a security audit.  Our team of security experts studies your company’s requirements and current security situation to ensure that you are taking all necessary measures to protect your data.

During a vulnerability assessment, our trained IT professionals analyze your network for security vulnerabilities or weaknesses. We investigate workstations, firewalls, servers, and wireless connections.

We approach vulnerability testing by following a proven-effective sequence of steps:

  1. Take an inventory of the system.
  2. Assign a level of importance to each component (how critical is it for the component in question to be secure?)
  3. Scan each component for threats and vulnerabilities, finding the weaknesses of the components.
  4. Prioritize the most crucial of the identified vulnerabilities to quickly improve your network security stance.

If you have already been the victim of a cyber attack and need urgent attention, our incident response team will take immediate action to minimize the damage and the time and cost of recovery.

Once the incident has been contained, we will perform a data breach analysis to determine the origin of the attack, fix uncovered vulnerabilities, restore altered or stolen data from data and software backup files, and remove any harmful code that may remain on the system.

We encourage you to take advantage of our cybersecurity assessments for your business in Reading, PA to determine your risk level and secure your network. Contact Domain Technology Group online to get started with a free cybersecurity consultation.