Best IoT Devices for Asset Management and Tracking

Many companies face the problem that their transport methods are insufficient to maintain proper communication and transparency when shipping their products, materials, and goods. Containers are lost, forgotten, or delivered to the wrong locations with no feasible way to detect en-route issues before it’s too late. That’s why many organizations search for the best IoT devices for asset management and real-time tracking to provide solutions for shipping optimization. Domain Technology Group can help.

IoT devices give your company the upper hand in securing dependable, transparent transportation from any location in the world. The in-place systems that monitor and manage global shipping lanes aren’t enough to guarantee positive customer experiences with every shipment. Systems that rely on periodic check-ins at various locations don’t relay real-time traffic changes, condition alterations, or updated ETAs.

Domain Technology Group is dedicated to developing, deploying, and integrating industry-leading technologies to broaden your company’s scope and control over your distribution channels.

Best IoT Devices for Asset Management and Tracking

How Does SenseIT IoT Improve Distribution?

Information in any form is power. Using Domain Technology Group’s SenseIT IoT solution prepares your teams to monitor and salvage shipments across your entire transportation network. Through a web of technologies, including cellular sensors, geospatial maps, alerting algorithms, and analytical reports, your teams will have access to the latest information regarding conditions, location, shipment progress, and more to optimize distribution and delivery.

Improve Shipping Efficiency

Remote shipment tracking and monitoring allow your teams to maintain consistent, real-time observations for your entire distribution network. Every ship, plane, train, and truck that carries your cargo transmits its location, status, and conditions to your team for optimal visibility and transparency. In the event of a disaster, your in-house teams can immediately communicate with transport crews to salvage shipments quickly, effectively, and thoroughly. As a result, shipments reach their destinations faster and safer without extra paperwork involved.

Shipping Route Optimization

Monitoring teams have an eye-in-the-sky perspective on every route your transportation teams take. This visibility enables responsive course corrections to choose the best path forward, allowing notifications of shortcuts, alternate routes, obstructions, accidents, traffic, and more to keep all distribution personnel on track to their destinations. A broader overview of all activity informs teams about optimal routes that vehicles can take to streamline delivery and shorten arrival times.

Shipment Safety

The slightest condition changes can spoil an entire delivery, causing damage that can’t be recuperated. While transportation teams might not be made aware of sudden damage to their cargo on the road, SenseIT IoT alerts your monitoring teams about shipment conditions that impact the integrity and security of all transported materials. The extra layer of protection assures safe shipping practices, enabling responsive actions to save cargo and prevent loss of valuable products at any point in the shipment process.

Due to insufficient transportation policies, practices, and technologies, customer satisfaction is easily compromised. With the deployment of the best IoT devices for asset management and tracking, Domain Technology Group provides your company with superior service and distribution control to accommodate every customer’s expectations. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page to get started.