SenseIT IoT Is Ready to Monitor and Protect COVID-19 Vaccines on the “Last Mile” of Shipment, Transport, Distribution & Repositioning

SenseIT IoT, designed by Domain Technology Group, is ready now to meet the challenge of delivering the Covid 19 vaccine in the critical “Last Mile”.

The goal of vaccinating 330 million Americans against Covid 19 is an enormous challenge, requiring a proven logistics cold chain with the utmost visibility. SenseIT IoT can help to ensure a secure and successful delivery of this all-important vaccine.

SenseIt IoT is a cloud-based condition monitoring and tracking application that can be used to track cold chain shipments of Covid 19 Vaccines on the critical “Last Mile,” as the vaccine travels from warehouses to the point of administration and repositioning.

What SenseIT IoT Can Do:

  • Monitors temperature, minimum and maximum, down to -55 degrees Celsius every 20 minutes, using NIST certified sensors *
  • Alerts before temperature excursion based on temperature trend tracking, allowing for salvage of endangered vaccine
  • Monitors in real time in the United States and throughout the world, dependent upon cell service
  • Maintains logs of temperature hourly (Supporting some of CDC reporting requirements.)
  • Uploads data to the cloud
  • Maintains location of the vaccines via GPS
  • Supports cold chain history (meets needs of Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Agreement)
  • Alerts for open container; registers if container opened unexpectedly, which is a security threat
  • Documents times per day a container has been opened
  • Alerts when expiration day is approaching
  • Backup in case of primary sensor failure:
    • Continues to monitor and log if cell service is lost and uploads when reconnected
    • Includes a WarmMark single use temperature indicator
  • Can be used to condition monitor during shipments and at vaccination site, partially fulfilling CDC reporting requirements
  • Easy to add new entities, easy to implement, learn, and use, hours not days
  • Ability to add validations and alerts specific to the manufacturer of the vaccine
  • Can be interfaced with CDC’s vTrcks or other government applications, if needed

Where SenseIt IoT Works:

  • PODS (Points of Distribution) and Closed PODS
  • CMHD (County and Municipal Health Department) virus clinics
  • MVC (Mass Vaccination Clinics)
  • Mobile Units
  • Other

SenseIT IoT Infrastructure:

  • Hyper scalable on MS Azure and SAP HANA database, developed in C#
  • Emerson sensors NIST certified to -55C
  • If ultra-cold is needed, SenseIT IoT can be configured with a sensor that goes to -80 degrees Celsius*
  • Additional SAP products not needed to use SenseIT IoT

If you would like more information on how SenseIT IoT can help safely and successfully fulfill last mile shipment and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines please complete the form below.