SAP IoT Asset Tracking Consulting Services Lancaster, PA

Enjoy complete control over every aspect of your shipping operations in Lancaster, PA, by integrating the SenseIT IoT by Domain asset tracking system. Look no further than Domain Technology Group for the services you need that can help you achieve excellent results.

Domain Technology Group, an experienced SAP partner based Wyomissing and Philadelphia, delivers state-of-the-art cloud and on-premise solutions that are affordable for businesses of all sizes that are looking to leverage ERP technology to significantly improve their efficiency and productivity.

With SAP Business One, organizations can manage their entire shipping and fulfillment process, from sales and supply chain management to financials and operations, far more efficiently from the same ERP system they use for everything else.

SAP IoT Asset Tracking Consulting Services Lancaster, PA

ERP-Integrated Asset Monitoring

If your business involves temperature-controlled transportation of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biotechnology, perishable food, sensitive tropical plants, and other similar commodities, real-time visibility, tracking capabilities, and condition monitoring of your shipments and assets can be priceless.

Damage to your products while in transit can result in millions of dollars in lost profits, a slower time to market, and dissatisfied customers. It’s often impossible to tell when and where the damage occurred, however, because products typically move through multiple distribution paths.

Without a reliable asset tracking system, you will waste too much time trying to find the source of the problem. In the meantime, dozens (or thousands) of your products may have been damaged or lost.

Asset Monitoring System

Thanks to affordable connectivity, scalable cloud platforms, and the vast processing and storage capabilities of big data platforms, the Internet of Things (IoT) offers state-of-the-art, yet affordable, solutions for supply chain operations, with processes and applications that were never before possible.

SenseIT IoT by Domain utilizes innovative sensors to capture data from around the globe, standardizes, consolidates and maintains it in a SAP HANA database in the cloud, and pushes the data to ERP. You will be able to remotely track assets in real time, both in-transit and at facilities, and be alerted in the event of condition changes.

The advantages of SenseIT include knowing where your shipments are at any moment, when they will reach their destination based on current GPS locations, and how your carrier handled the shipments.

SenseIT alerts you when a measurement threshold is exceeded and can predict conditions that are becoming unhealthy for your products, allowing you to take corrective action before a product is compromised. Other benefits include reducing delays, reducing legal liability, and eliminating disputes over the condition of products upon receipt.

SenseIT IoT currently measures:

  • GPS Location
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Tilt Axis X
  • Tilt Axis Y
  • Tilt Axis Z
  • Impact Shock / Drop
  • Broken Seal / Tampering (Planned; not yet available)

SenseIT IoT by Domain works with various types of sensors. If we do not support the sensor you use, we can most likely add it to the SenseIT interpreter. If your company is not on an SAP platform, SenseIT IoT can also be integrated with other ERP platforms.

Harness the power of SAP HANA and SenseIT IoT to gain insight into your shipments with end-to-end IoT asset tracking and monitoring. Discover the advantages for your business in Lancaster, PA, by contacting Domain Technology Group at (610) 374-7644 ext. 7005 to explore our services and obtain a free consultation.