IoT (Internet of Things) Data Collection and Device Management

SenseIT IoT by Domain utilizes innovative IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to track your shipments from end-to-end. When integrated with SAP HANA, state-of-the-art device management and lightning fast data collection gives businesses a birds-eye view of their field assets, powers real-time insights across their business, and provides an affordable way to solve previously unsolvable business problems.

Domain Technology Group, located in Wyomissing and Philadelphia, PA, is an SAP consulting company that helps businesses reduce their technology costs and achieve faster time-to-value with systems that can be implemented quickly and are straightforward to maintain.

With SAP Business One, companies can manage their entire shipping and fulfillment process, from sales and supply chain management to financials and operations, more efficiently from the same ERP system they use for everything else. And, when powered by SAP HANA, everything can be done faster.

IoT (Internet of Things) Data Collection and Device Management

IoT Systems Explained

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to a giant network of billions of physical devices, or “things,” all over the world that are now connected to the Internet (and/or to each other) via sensors, collecting and sharing data.

Thanks to affordable connectivity, scalable cloud platforms, and the vast processing and storage capabilities of big data platforms, it’s possible to transform nearly any physical object, from a lightbulb, thermostat, TV, electric meter or security camera, to a drill on an oil rig or an airplane, into an IoT device, adding digital intelligence to devices that would otherwise be dumb and enabling them to communicate real-time data, independent of human action.

These IoT systems also make tracking the location and condition of your assets more accurate than ever before, giving your business the ability to detect and prevent damage to your products before they reach customers and generate more data about your inbound and outbound shipments.

SenseIT IoT by Domain

SenseIT IoT by Domain enables your business to remotely track assets in real time, both in-transit and at facilities; monitor the condition of trailers, containers and individual products for the duration of the trip, including temperature, moisture, acceleration, tilt, shock, and other variables; and connect with your on-premise ERP system to trigger action on incidents in real-time.

Data is standardized, consolidated and maintained in a SAP HANA database in the cloud, and pushed to ERP. SAP HANA is an in-memory relational database management system and application platform that allows for the lightning fast processing of massive amounts of real-time data and generates interactive reports in seconds for faster decision-making.

We can also provide sensor fusion services to help your business make sense of the massive amounts of data collected. Measurements from multiple sensors are combined and run through more complex algorithms to provide a more accurate and reliable view of the data than one would get by using the data from each separate sensor on its own.

Every business that deals with shipping and logistics will benefit from the ability to detect and even prevent damage before their products reach customers. If your business is not on an SAP platform, SenseIT IoT can be integrated with other ERP platforms, such as NetSuite.

As you evaluate the best way to ensure the integrity of your shipped products using IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity, Domain Technology Group is ready to help you set up device management and data collection by introducing you to the benefits of SenseIT IoT. Contact us at (610) 374-7644 ext. 7005 for a free consultation and demo.