IoT Consulting Services Baltimore

If the digital transformation of the supply chain and the integration of new technical innovations is a challenge for your Baltimore business, consider IoT consulting services from Domain Technology Group. We have expertise in different industry sectors.

Domain Technology Group, an experienced SAP partner, is an information systems consulting company located in Wyomissing and Philadelphia, PA. The goal of our team is to deliver an efficient, seamless solution residing on a single platform and database that will help your company gain new insights, boost efficiency, and make more informed decisions.

The Domain team combines extensive experience in strategy, process improvement, digital technologies and organizational effectiveness with expertise in IoT deployments. We work with SAP to deliver best-in-class IoT and ERP solutions for your business, such as SAP Business One, that will optimize your processes and improve your decision-making capabilities.

IoT Consulting Services Baltimore

IoT and ERP-Integrated Asset Tracking

Asset tracking and condition monitoring is the process of tracking shipments and monitoring their condition based on parameters such as temperature, humidity, acceleration, tilt, shock, tampering, and other variables, while in transit.

Without a reliable tracking system, manufacturers and distributors spend a great deal of manual time attempting to find the source of the problem. Meanwhile, dozens (or thousands) of products may have been damaged or lost as shipments move through multiple distribution paths.

SenseIT IoT by Domain utilizes IoT-connected sensors to track your shipments from end-to-end. When integrated with SAP HANA, the system gives you a birds-eye view of your field assets and enables you to configure alerts, generate reports, view trends, and powers real-time insights across your business.

SenseIT IoT gives you the ability to:

  • Remotely track assets in real time, both in-transit and at facilities
  • Monitor the condition of trailers, containers and their contents for the duration of the trip, including temperature, moisture, acceleration, tilt, shock, and other variables
  • Customize thresholds (minimum and maximum) that prompt alerts when met
  • Gather and consolidate data in a HANA cloud database
  • Connect with your on-premise ERP system to trigger action on incidents in real-time
  • Produce powerful, intuitive business analytics
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce the risks of regulatory non-compliance
  • Store a complete history of events related to each shipment

In addition to condition-monitoring, SenseIT IoT provides information about the location of your shipments at any given time, when they will be delivered to the destination based upon current GPS locations, and how the shipments were handled by your carrier.

Reasons to Partner with Domain Technology Group

When implementing your SAP and IoT solution, Domain Technology Group will:

  • Learn about your unique business and the organizational, process and technological challenges you face
  • Craft a solution tailored specifically to your industry based on best practices while avoiding the need for custom-built products
  • Work side-by-side with your team to realize your goals, keeping security, scalability and expected outcomes in mind
  • Implement your solution on time and within your budget
  • Incorporate training, coaching and support
  • Provide maximum value for your investment

To quickly transform the supply chain operations of your Baltimore business and generate valuable real-time insights, IoT consulting services from Domain Technology Group can help.  Contact us at (610) 374-7644 ext. 7005 for a free consultation.