IoT Asset Tracking and Tracing Solutions

Streamlining business operations and distribution comes from having informed documentation of your company assets. Transportation lanes and shipments constantly generate new information regarding commodities on a given vessel’s location, conditions, maintenance, and integrity. With the addition of IoT asset tracking and tracing solutions, your teams can leverage actionable, real-time information to optimize distribution channels and provide rapid-response salvage measures in the event of a disaster.

Domain Technology Group equips your teams to manage and monitor all traffic across your distribution network from point A to point B. SenseIT technologies use a fabric of hardware and software, including cellular sensors, geospatial maps, and alerting algorithms to compile data into easy-to-use reports. Empowering your teams with greater visibility into individual shipments that can be selected and monitored at will offers precision, control, and feedback that can be used to improve transportation methods and maintain regulatory compliance.

IoT Asset Tracking and Tracing Solutions

Prioritizing Shipment Security

The growth of your company’s ROI depends on the reliable, secure delivery of all cargo to its intended destination. Anything less impacts your company’s reputation while reducing your bottom line, costing your company expenses that can’t be quickly recovered. Determining how to best optimize your distribution and shipping processes comes down to the amount of quality real-time data your teams can collect.

Through SenseIT IoT, every vessel on your distribution network can be outfitted with sensitive monitoring devices that provide extensive monitoring benefits for your team to work with. These technologies broaden visibility, letting you know precisely where every transport vehicle is on its journey and sending updates back to home base in accessible, easy-to-read reports. Accountability and efficiency are integral aspects for increasing your cost-savings ratio, resulting in more products reaching their destinations while providing valuable analytics for further development.

SenseIT Features

Insight into the conditions your assets are in doesn’t require a camera. Round-the-clock monitoring provides the tools and information your teams need to make informed decisions based on the latest data, enabling better responses in case of an emergency. Geospatial maps ensure every shipment is accounted for and can be summarily addressed with greater accuracy and attention.

To ensure your teams have access to the best real-time data sent from each shipment, SenseIT measures several different environmental factors that affect the integrity and safety of your cargo. These factors include:

  • GPS Location
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Tilt Axis X
  • Tilt Axis Y
  • Tilt Axis Z
  • Shock / Drop
  • Light

Sensitive materials, such as pharmaceuticals or chemicals, do not need much of a change in conditions to be rendered unsafe for use. Any changes in containment will compromise a significant portion of your shipment without immediate attention. A manual inspection doesn’t have the same regular monitoring benefits afforded through SenseIT, potentially leading to an unacceptable number of lost shipments.

SenseIT IoT is designed to give your teams the advantage in preventing such incidents from occurring. Our technologies are equipped with alerting algorithms to keep your teams apprised of any sudden changes in environments. Immediate response, armed with real-time data concerning the new conditions and how the shipments have been affected, allows transport teams to be prepared for salvage before too much time has passed.

Rapid-response practices that can be systematically applied to any vessel in your distribution network does the most to protect your investments along any part of their journey. Leveraging IoT asset tracking and tracing solutions to optimize shipping patterns and policies keeps your company moving forward. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.