High-Value Asset Tracking

While en route, there are any number of potential occurrences that could compromise the integrity of your product: weather, accidents, equipment failure, mismanagement, and so on. Historically, your team would have to rely on your in-transit teams to maintain the shipping environment on their own merit. With the advent of emerging technologies such as SenseIT IoT that offer high-value asset tracking, your teams no longer have to wait and hope in the dark for shipping conditions to be efficiently maintained. With the right technology, monitoring and tracking can be managed remotely.

Real-time high-value asset tracking is one of the foremost preventative functions of Domain Technology Group’s SenseIT IoT technology. In a world where information is power, continually aggregating and processing a stream of data about all conditions and changes for shipments on a global scale offers greater security, integrity, and safety. Your teams can react to any sudden distress using actionable, real-time data transmitted from each shipment, preventing a catastrophe from offsetting your bottom line with lost, valuable merchandise.

High-Value Asset Tracking

Providing a Competitive Edge

Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, and more are examples of what types of assets may be considered integral to your company’s ROI. If any one of your shipments were to be lost, stolen, or irreparably damaged due to sabotage or natural causes, your ROI would feel it. Assets in transit are at their most vulnerable, and keeping your teams on the pulse of every inch of their trip keeps your organization moving two steps ahead of sudden disaster.

SenseIT IoT is a collection of technologies creating a monitoring system designed to keep tabs on every shipment at once. These powerful tools extend your company’s visibility across your entire shipping network, offering insight and actionable data on every ship, truck, plane, or train currently carrying any valuable commodities. This collection includes technologies such as:

  • Cellular sensors
  • Geospatial maps
  • Alerting algorithms
  • Analytical reports

Your teams never have to wonder about the location or conditions of your assets again. SenseIT IoT collects all shipment data in real-time, processing a massive amount of information into continually updated, intuitive reports that prioritize significant alterations in conditions. If anything happens, your teams will be the first to know about it. Informed by real-time information, your company can take action to salvage high-value assets before they’re irrevocably compromised.

Visibility Is Everything

Every shipment can be analyzed, monitored, and individually studied for precise management throughout their entire journey. That allows for a greater level of precision for rapid-response salvage operations, allowing active workers to have the clearest possible understanding of what went wrong, how it went wrong, and what can be done to fix the problem. As a result, fewer shipments are lost, enhancing profits for your manufacturing or distribution business.

Domain Technology Group’s SenseIT IoT offers an intuitive portal to make protecting your assets easy and accessible. With its ability to either operate as its standalone interface or augment your existing ERP, your team will be more than equipped to make informed decisions that optimize and protect your shipping routes.

There’s no need to risk losing valuable commodities. The use of high-value asset tracking through SenseIT ensures secure transport across the globe, no matter the terrain, environment, or conditions. If you’re interested in a partnership with Domain Technology Group, visit our contact page so we can get started.