Asset Management & Monitoring for Electronic Equipment

Electronics are well known for their relative fragility. Too much heat, a little water, a sudden drop – any number of incidents could damage and render a piece of electronic equipment irreparable and a loss for your company’s bottom line. Despite all the care your transport teams can put into securing cargo, the unexpected will always make an appearance and compromise your shipments while your teams’ backs are turned. Better response times need better technologies capable of keeping your monitoring teams informed. The inclusion of tools that enable asset management and monitoring for electronic equipment gives your company an advantage in improving and optimizing your distribution channels transportation, remediation, and communication.

Asset Management & Monitoring for Electronic Equipment

Broadening your company’s visibility across your distribution network is a priority. The lack of actionable, real-time intelligence on the status of individual vessels and shipments impairs your capability to make informed decisions regarding condition monitoring, shipping routes, asset maintenance, tracking history, and more. Domain Technology Group ensures that you’re equipped with cost-effective solutions enabling network-wide communication, keeping your internal teams apprised of shipment locations and conditions using the latest information.

Protecting Your Electronic Equipment Shipments

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a distributor, you need solutions capable of delivering real-time data from across your entire network to your headquartered monitoring teams. The utility available through cellular sensors, geospatial maps, alerting algorithms, and analytical reports enhance how effective tracking and protecting your shipments can be. Informed by real-time data, monitoring teams can notify individual transport vessels about sudden changes in their cargo environments, potentially preventing an entire shipment from being lost due to unforeseen elements compromising shipment integrity.

Electronics, in particular, tend to be expensive cargo to transport. They’re susceptible to damage, making potholes, inclement weather, heat, cold, and other factors especially hazardous if improperly secured. If something were to happen while in transit, your transport teams aren’t guaranteed to be aware of any change, hampering future salvage efforts. With the help of our SenseIT IoT solutions, taking a proactive approach and accelerating response times for condition changes for every shipment within your network is both feasible and affordable.

Benefits Available Through SenseIT IoT

The value of real-time data cannot be understated. The alerting algorithms and analytical reports generated through your ERP in conjunction with SAP HANA in the cloud offer numerous insights into how your teams can optimize transport practices, policies, and routes. A monitoring team may reduce transportation times by offering shipment teams an alternate route. Communication between distributors and clients can improve relations and keep them apprised of their shipment through every step of the journey. Incidents can be addressed before they carry the risk of compromising your shipments. The scenarios go on.

A few key benefits that our SenseIT IoT technologies provide include:

  • Know the location of shipment up to predefined message time (every 1, 6, or 12 hours – You establish the message time)
  • View the shipments on a geospatial map where distressed shipments show in yellow or red
  • Attach the sensor to the carrier’s tracking number
  • Establish tolerances for all measures – set maximum and minimum thresholds
  • Maintain history of all actions for the complete shipment
  • Maintain a record of vendor performance over many shipments
  • Analyze shipment data history to improve shipment performance
  • Combine sensor data with your ERP data for one view of shipment (planned vs. actual)
  • And more.

Domain Technology Group can help you transform every aspect of your company’s distribution network with the utilization of asset management and monitoring for electronic equipment. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page to get started.