Web Application Assessment

SAP Cloud for Social EngagementAn internal computer network is protected by firewalls, antivirus, and other devices and tactics.  Unfortunately, a Web server and Web applications are exposed to all of the threats around the world.  Domain fully understands that the amplified vulnerability of the Web makes it an attractive target for hackers.  Due to the infinite and increasingly intricate threats of the Web and its public-facing nature, Web application assessments are critical to the safety of a company’s data, privacy, and overall wellbeing.  For example, if a company’s website is defaced, their reputation could be severely damaged.

Domain’s Web app assessments are ongoing and occur throughout the life of the application.  This ongoing process is designed to uncover vulnerabilities, design flaws, and more.  The ultimate goal of our Web app assessment is to perform an examination of the components and security mechanisms in place to protect the application, how the components interact, and what weaknesses exist.   Domain also offers services to eliminate any weaknesses detected during the assessment.