Protecting Water Utilities from Cyber Threats

The water sector may not seem like the most profitable industry to attack at first glance. Hackers have begun focusing their attention on leveraging the water and wastewater industries for their personal and financial gain, leading more organizations to implement new strategies and technologies to protect water utilities from cyber threats. The resellable sensitive data, ransom money, or damage for the sake of damage that can be caused to the US infrastructure through a well-coordinated assault cannot be denied.

Protecting Water Utilities from Cyber Threats

Domain Technology Group specializes in delivering high-quality services to increase business efficiencies, save time, and affordably optimize network performance. As the cyber threat landscape evolves, the expenses associated with keeping your own in-house IT cybersecurity program updated can become a financial drain with no guarantee for optimal security. Monitoring, prevention, remediation – the options available through a quality cybersecurity service are the key toward keeping your network systems properly protected without thinning out your own internal resources. Our solutions are comprehensive and proactive, providing world-class cybersecurity for regulatory compliance and IT infrastructure efficiency.

Cybersecurity Monitoring

New technologies provide new, better options to improve IT oversight that doesn’t require hiring a larger workforce. AI technology automates processes and proactively engages network threats to optimize performance and streamline processes for more significant results and protection. AI-driven cybersecurity monitoring solutions, managed by experts with the experience needed to effectively handle them, broaden your cybersecurity efforts to track threats to your system, and respond effectively.

Some key features afforded through our cybersecurity monitoring services include:

  • We implement advanced threat protection software and services to continuously monitor and provide insight into your network and endpoint traffic.
  • Automatically detect, prioritize, and investigate threats using artificial intelligence:
  • Our Cybersecurity software and service leverages machine learning to detect and prioritize potential threats automatically.
  • If a potentially malicious file is discovered, users can leverage deep learning malware analysis to automatically analyze malware in extreme detail, breaking down file attributes and code and comparing them to millions of other files.

Cyberattack Prevention

Once you’re under assault by a hacker’s strain of malware, optimizing your infrastructure to combat and prevent these attacks effectively is critical. Applying the correct practices, policies, and technologies can “lock down” your network, shoring up network parameters to withstand any attack from any source. Some of our cyberattack prevention solutions include:

  • Close unnecessary network ports
  • Implement new advanced firewalls
  • Encrypt your data
  • Train user and monitor user behavior
  • And more

Incident Response

Even the most impenetrable networks still stand the risk of succumbing to an attack. However, instituting an appropriate incident response strategy is essential for mitigating data loss and damage while informing your teams how to remediate your system vulnerabilities against future attacks. Rapid incident response procedures mean the difference between system shutdown and a full recovery. Our incident response plan includes:

  • Discovering where the intrusion occurred (this requires implanting a change tracking software in advance of any attack)
  • Determining the information the hacker stole or tampered
  • Deciding how to close the system vulnerability
  • Deciding how to clean all remnants of the hack from the system
  • Immediately notifying everyone whose information was stolen or suspected of being stolen
  • Arranging for credit monitoring, management, and restoring assistance to the accounts stolen
  • Implementing a public relations campaign to protect and restore the brand image
  • Using and executing cyber insurance

Domain Technology Group’s goal is to provide quality services that protect water utilities from cyber threats. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.