NIST Cybersecurity Assessments Pennsylvania

If there was to be a full-scale cyberattack on your company’s systems at this very moment, how do you imagine your defenses would hold up? Are you unshakably confident, or is there a margin of error where your data could conceivably be stolen, leaked, and sold across the shadier parts of the web? The chances that your cybersecurity parameters are as formidable as you assume they are are a long shot from 100%. The digital landscape is wrought with sophisticated threats that are in constant evolution, probing systems for any crack, gap, or vulnerability that can be exploited. Attaining the necessary level of compliance through NIST cybersecurity assessments in Pennsylvania keeps your company off the back foot.

Having your cybersecurity properly assessed provides you with the actionable intel and proactive plan of action needed to effectively secure your systems. With years of NIST-centric experience performing dozens of NIST framework assessments for the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), Domain Technology Group has the expertise, familiarity, and ease of access to give your company the best chance of success.

NIST Cybersecurity Assessments Pennsylvania

Common Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

In plain terms, a vulnerability in your system is an aspect of your asset with developed weaknesses that can be exploited by external threats. These portions of your network are rarely intentional, resulting from degradation or negligence in maintaining your network. Once a cyberthreat has probed and identified your vulnerabilities, further damage leading to system manipulation or data breaches is possible.

So what do these vulnerabilities look like? Throughout Domain Technology Group’s assessment, we’ll compile, identify, and prioritize those gaps in your security ranked by severity. The final list informs you on what parts of your cybersecurity measures need immediate addressing versus which ones can be handled at a later date.

Unpatched Network Vulnerabilities

Complacency will get the better of your company with every opportunity you give it. Every time an “update available” pop up appears on your screen, that’s your computer trying to patch up security issues. The longer that goes ignored, the more likely it will be that a threat will find and exploit that unpatched network vulnerability.

Updating your system at every opportunity is a nuisance, but it’s a necessary evil to ensure your network is fully protected. These minor issues compound and build up to become an enormous threat to your company’s integrity. Following a regular update schedule might be tedious and disruptive, but it’s the least you can do to protect your data.

Hidden Backdoor Programs

We established that most cybersecurity vulnerabilities will be unintentional. Hidden backdoor programs are an exception to that rule. Backdoor programs in IT are useful pieces of code that grant programmers easy remote access to assets, primarily used for diagnostics or tech support. A hidden backdoor is a similar process that’s installed without user knowledge. An external threat having instant access to your network through this method is, to say the least, an egregious vulnerability to contend with.

User Account Privileges

The more people who have access to sensitive information and areas of your cybersecurity, the more at risk you are of information leaking to unwanted individuals. By limiting access of information, data, and tools to authorized personnel, you’re mitigating the likelihood that unprivileged users can access admin-level accounts.

Our NIST cybersecurity assessments in Pennsylvania provide a comprehensive sweep of your entire network, including all databases, technology assets, accounts, servers, and workstations. We have the experience and expertise you can rely on. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.