IT Security Services in Baltimore

Domain Technology Group offers a broad set of IT security services and solutions that make sense for your Baltimore area business, particularly in light of a drastic increase in attacks from hackers and cyber criminals.

We are an information technology (IT) consulting company, a sister company of Domain Technology Group, an SAP partner, with extensive experience in data breach assessment, vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, Web application assessment, IT risk assessment, threat management, and incident response.

IT Security Services in BaltimoreWhether your company is small or large, we can help you detect intrusions and implement IT security solutions to safeguard your valuable data so that your business can continue operating no matter what disaster comes your way.

The 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis found that data breaches and the costs of remediating their consequences are rapidly increasing. Malicious or criminal attacks are the most common and most costly data breaches, and the longer it takes to detect and contain them, the more costly it becomes for an organization to resolve.

The biggest impact is on lost business, but data breaches can damage your brand reputation, cause you to lose your customers’ trust, and disrupt your business operations. The sooner you find out if your systems are vulnerable to attack, the better.

Data Breach Analysis

When your organization’s network is hacked, a data breach has occurred.  This means that your sensitive, confidential or proprietary data has potentially been viewed, altered, stolen, or otherwise compromised.

Domain Technology Group can perform a data breach analysis to determine the source of the attack and find the security vulnerabilities that allowed the attack to occur.  Questions answered by our data breach analysis include:

  • What type of attack has occurred?
  • What was the source of the attack?
  • What was the intent of the attacker(s)?
  • Are there remaining malware or viruses left from the attack?

The answers to these questions enable us to determine where the attack originated, fix weaknesses and vulnerabilities, restore stolen or changed data from backup files, and remove any residual harmful code from the system.  We can also recommend security improvements that can reduce the likelihood of future breaches.

Although many organizations learn about data breaches from outside sources, about half of them are fortunate enough to discover security breaches on their own. If you know you have been breached, Domain Technology Group’s incident response team will investigate your breach and take action to find and contain the damages.

Security Audits

If your business deals with PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX, and other security regulations, or you are developing payment services and want to ensure you have taken the proper measures to protect your data, consider a Domain Technology Group security assessment, also called a security audit. This is one of the most essential assessments we perform for clients.

Domain Technology Group’s cybersecurity process includes four tiers: assessment, prevention, monitoring, and response.  They can be conducted together or a la carte. At the end of the assessment, we document and report security gaps to the appropriate individuals along with recommended actions for eliminating the vulnerabilities.

Take advantage of our proactive IT security services for your Baltimore area business to determine your risk level and secure your network. Call Domain Technology Group at (610) 374-7644, ext. 7001 to get started with a free cyber security consultation.