IT Network Security Assessments Harrisburg, PA

Cataloging the entirety of your network resources, devices, applications, and various infrastructure elements takes time, expertise, and keen attention to detail to do correctly. Anything short of an exhaustive investigation bears the risk of overlooked details that put your company’s IT infrastructure as a whole at risk.

Performing your own assessments might seem like a cost-effective alternative. Still, you’ll be sacrificing the expertise and experience of a company with the dedicated personnel and tools required to perform conclusively effective reviews of the vulnerability of your architecture attack surface. Gaining the competitive edge through a skilled IT network security assessment in Harrisburg, PA, could potentially mean the difference between a company that fails and a company that thrives.

IT Network Security Assessments Harrisburg, PA

Taking any measure of the current state of the cyber threat landscape at surface value is underestimating the tenacity and danger they pose at any given time. There are no scheduled attacks on your network, which means being vigilant about the state of your security parameters, policies, programs, and other related preventative and remediation measures are critical to infrastructure functionality and safety. Domain Technology Group is an IT service provider with extensive experience in infrastructure and cybersecurity, two fields we’ve found remarkable success in when delivering high-value solutions, results, and performance.

The Vulnerability Assessment Process

Our vulnerability assessment process is as in-depth as it is broad, which means that we review the entirety of your architecture while compiling relevant reports on the severity and priority of any discovered weaknesses within your systems. We don’t cut corners, taking the time to thoroughly vet every facet of your organization and categorize even the smallest of misalignments for total visibility into the security of your network. Workstations, firewalls, servers, wireless connections – these and more are investigated through a sequential process until we are satisfied we’ve covered every corner that your network has to offer.

Taking System Inventory

The first step is to identify the resources under your network’s umbrella. Devices, applications, hardware, software – all assets are compiled and prioritized based on their level of importance to the safety, functionality, and efficiency of your network. You’ll have the opportunity to gauge your network and security controls, curating an infrastructure map to follow for future identification and detection of attacks.

Assigning Component Importance

Not every vector will have the same weight on the overall function of your organization in the event of a breach. Knowing which parts of your IT infrastructure should receive the lion’s share of your assessment’s attention organizes a value-driven approach to your security spending.

Threat and Vulnerability Scanning

This step of the process will be the most extensive. A thorough examination takes time to do well, and discovering where your systems are weakest, as well as evaluating system defenses, will provide a complete perspective of your security environment. Processes such as network scanning, internal weakness testing, policy review, network enumeration, and more come into play here.


Once visibility into your vulnerability report is developed, determining which parts need the most focus allots an organized approach to improving your network stance. Not every vulnerability needs immediate attention, and prioritizing the most severe weaknesses in critical systems takes precedence.

Providing comprehensive IT network security assessments in Harrisburg, PA, is a defining service available through Domain Technology Group. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.