Cybersecurity Risk Assessments Philadelphia, PA

Whether you’re hoping for the broadest possible perspective on the state of your cybersecurity stature or for a more in-depth procedure, Domain Technology Group is there to handle your security needs. Our years of service in the cybersecurity industry have provided us with the necessary experience, familiarity, and expertise to deliver comprehensive risk assessment reports covering every aspect of your organization’s network to the smallest detail. Our cybersecurity risk assessments in Philadelphia, PA, will give your IT departments the knowledge and forewarning needed to protect your IT environment effectively from any threat.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments Philadelphia, PA

The cloud has become an integral aspect of modern business operations. Its availability transformed online interactions, streamlining and optimizing organizational functions for better performance, productivity, and earnings. Compared to the market environment a decade ago, the number of companies that have moved to the cloud from exclusively on-premise network solutions has skyrocketed.

However, like any thriving environment, the threats that skirt company networks are numerous, massive, and impending. The cyber threat landscape exists in a race with cybersecurity providers, aiming to exploit the slightest weakness or vulnerability to access your data, systems, and infrastructure.

Establishing your company’s security maturity level starts with understanding where you’re most at risk. Depending on your goals as an organization, the type of cybersecurity assessment needed to identify and remediate security gaps may vary between a few different options.

Assessments We Provide

The circumstances that determine which type of assessment your company needs depend on your goals for protecting your network. Many companies need an overview of their entire attack surface, developing a report that lists and prioritizes every visible vulnerability that could expose your network data and operations. Others need something more substantial to test how prepared you are for an attack and determine if your systems are prepared to ward off assaults from increasingly sophisticated viruses. The three primary assessments provided through Domain Technology are:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Web application assessments
  • Penetration testing

Vulnerability Assessments

Chances are, you already have numerous vulnerabilities existing in your network. The issue is that you don’t know where. Vulnerability assessments generate reports that cover the full extent of your network’s firewalls, devices, servers, workstations, and wireless connections. While we may not offer insight into how prepared your network is for an assault, we will be able to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize them in order of severity. From here, your teams have the direction needed to improve your network stance.

Web Application Assessment

Web apps exist on the frontlines of the internet, interacting directly with online traffic daily in a very public setting. These programs are incredibly susceptible to cyberattacks, and ensuring they’re appropriately configured to defend against hackers is essential for protecting the application and optimizing performance.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, better known as PEN testing, isn’t as expensive as vulnerability assessments. Instead, it focuses on the individual systems of your network. We perform targeted attacks on these systems to determine their security posture. Our tests reveal the extent to which your systems can perform under pressure, resulting in their failure or success in keeping operations functional.

The resulting data from any of the reports generated through our cybersecurity risk assessments in Philadelphia, PA, offer your company a dependable reference point to work on when improving your security stature. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page to get started.