Cybersecurity Assessments Pennsylvania

Cybersecurity is only as secure as the level of effort, vigilance, and time your company gives it. Letting sleeping dogs lie under the belief that your current measures will hold out for the long-term leads to harder decisions resulting from harsher consequences down the road. IT is a field that is in constant flux, evolving, changing, and innovating its current technologies to adapt to an environment that adheres to fundamental, constant sophistication. Performing comprehensive, consistent cybersecurity assessments in Pennsylvania equips your teams with the knowledge they need to address your own system’s shortcomings.

There’s no shame in discovering that your cybersecurity procedures, policies, and technologies are insufficient to match up to a changing threat landscape. Cybersecurity assessments are an opportunity to respond to flaws, gaps, and weak points that would otherwise threaten the integrity of your company’s database. Domain Technology Group offers a suite of assessment options intended to curate the most valuable, insightful reports on the current state of your cybersecurity parameters, devices, firewalls, and determine overall vulnerability.

Cybersecurity Assessments Pennsylvania

What Assessments Does Your Company Need?

There are many factors and circumstances to consider when deciding the type of cybersecurity assessment your company needs. Most importantly, the decision relies on how in-depth scan your company needs in order to enact the most effective remediation. Do you need a broad overview of the entirety of your cybersecurity infrastructure, or are you looking for a more definitive measuring of your current security standards?

Domain Technology Group offers three distinct types of cybersecurity assessments, each capable of providing your company with the hard data needed to generate tangible results. These assessments include:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Web application assessments
  • Penetration testing

Security cannot be guaranteed in a void of information, and cybersecurity assessments are first and foremost used to inform and guide your internal teams toward reinforcing and improving your current security systems.

Vulnerability Assessments

Obtaining a broad overview of your company’s infrastructure is imperative for locating the areas you’re most vulnerable. While vulnerability assessments aren’t intended to determine the degree of severity each weakness poses, a scan of your entire company security framework provides a wider perspective on all security issues. Domain Technology Group’s skilled IT professionals thoroughly analyze, review, and develop reports containing the most complete data of all present vulnerabilities within your network.

Web Application Assessment

As more and more resources shift to the web, ensuring your online presence is airtight is critical. Any and all apps used or promoted by your company need consistent assessments and continual monitoring to uncover any potential vulnerabilities, design flaws, and other threats to the integrity of your applications. Not only will your teams be alerted to any new weaknesses, Domain Technology Group offers services for remediating vulnerabilities as they’re identified.

Penetration Testing (PEN Testing)

There are some sections of your network that necessitate a more intimate assessment procedure. While vulnerability testing may simply identify and assign priority to certain vulnerabilities, PEN testing provides tactile results pertaining to how capable your systems are in the event of a cyberattack. One way or another, you’ll know whether your network is capable of responding to a genuine attack, and through PEN testing you’ll have an in-depth understanding of the severity of your vulnerabilities, any new unseen vulnerabilities, and more.

Knowledge is power, which is why you need to work with a company with extensive experience providing top quality cybersecurity assessments in Pennsylvania. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.