Cyber Security Audit & Assessment Services in New York

Cyber crime is not going away any time soon and continues to be a major threat to New York business owners and their customers.  The audit, assessment and wide range of other cyber security services offered by Domain Technology Group can help your company evaluate the risks and provide you with reliable security solutions that will help you prevent financial losses.

Domain Technology Group, the sister company of Domain Technology Group, is an information technology (IT) consulting company.  Our cybersecurity experts offer a wide range of services that help organizations protect their vital business data from threats.

Small and mid-sized businesses are among the most attractive targets for cybercrime because they are often less prepared and unable to afford the sophisticated security technologies used by large companies. When unaware of their weaknesses and inadequately prepared to correct them, they leave themselves vulnerable to attack.

Cyber Security Audit & Assessment Services in New York

To protect your business effectively, both your security policy and the tools you utilize to carry out your policy must be reviewed and updated regularly. Whether you utilize our services to protect your financial data, intellectual property, customer databases, or medical records, we can help you identify weaknesses and recommend optimal solutions.

Domain Technology Group’s security team will help you with security policy review and implementation, physical security review, data breach analysis, internal vulnerability assessments, external penetration testing, Web application assessments, catastrophic incident response, and managed security services.

Vulnerability Assessment

During a vulnerability assessment, our cybersecurity experts analyze your network components to proactively look for weaknesses. The process involves investigating workstations (computers), servers, firewalls, wireless connections, and more.

We take an inventory of the system and assign a level of importance to each component based on how secure it should be. Then we scan each component for weaknesses that could allow your network to be penetrated by a hacker. Lastly, we mitigate the most critical of the identified vulnerabilities and recommend protective measures that will improve your protection.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, or pentesting, goes beyond simply exposing vulnerabilities. It looks for weaknesses or oversights that can be exploited and then intentionally penetrates further into the network to test the strength of the network’s defense mechanisms.

Domain Technology Group’s team performs an attack on the system to assess its performance and ascertain how vulnerable it is to attack. Typical targets include email servers, database servers and storage, R&D systems, ecommerce systems and websites, and remote entry points.

We provide a high-level report of the results to the business owner or executive(s) with recommendations for eliminating any weaknesses that were discovered. This will provide you with knowledge about how vulnerable your systems are in the real-world, and may also prove that the security measures you have in place are sufficient.

Web Application Assessment

Internal networks can be protected by firewalls, antivirus, and other devices and tactics. The web-based applications companies use to conduct business today require that access be given to both trusted and un-trusted users. The risk of exposure to outside hackers is enormous.

Web application assessments, or Web app assessments, by Domain Technology Group enable businesses to safely identify weaknesses in their websites and Web-based applications. We examine the components and security mechanisms already in place, determine how they interact, and detect existing weaknesses.  We also offer services to eliminate vulnerabilities detected during the assessment.

When protecting sensitive information is critical to the success of your New York business, learn more about the audit, assessment and cyber security services available from Domain Technology Group by calling us at (610) 374-7644, ext. 7001.