CMMC Auditor Harrisburg, PA

Any dealing with the DoD involves some measure of national security. While not all contractors may be dealing with CUI, ensuring that any information that’s received from DIB systems is properly handled, managed, and protected from various threats is paramount for ensuring the sanctity and safety of our nation. No information is unimportant, and ensuring all DoD-recognized contractors are up to the task has become a key focal point for the DoD, who have released new cybersecurity standards currently being rolled out over time by the NIST. Over the course of the next few years, all contractors in Harrisburg, PA who are involved with any DoD projects will need to receive their certification from a CMMC auditor.

The CMMC is the DoD’s verification mechanism for ensuring that all contractors involved with FCI or CUI possess the cybersecurity measures, protocols, and maturity needed to effectively manage and protect that information. Being provided access to anything located on DIB systems or networks will, going forward, require some level of authorization granted by a CMMC. Domain Technology Group specializes in cybersecurity compliance, drawing on previous experience working with NIST Frameworks for Maturity Models involving similar requirements to CMMC expectations.

Rather than handle the process on your own, accepting the help of an organization well versed in what needs to be done to receive accreditation is your best bet for passing your audit.

CMMC Auditor Harrisburg, PA

Why the Need for New Standards?

Before the DoD designed their own cybersecurity standards through the CMMC, DoD contractors were responsible for providing self-assessments using NIST 800-171 as the framework for their results. The freedom granted by being allowed to perform your own assessments, while still upholding the non-regulatory standards set by NIST compliance guidelines, provided a measure of leeway for contractors to handle their own affairs.

While the quality of the security and privacy controls granted to these DoD-contracted organizations is not in dispute, the reality is that the standards set by NIST 800-171 were not sufficient for securing the level of cybersecurity maturity the DoD was looking for. Since the development of CMMC, the expectations for highly capable cybersecurity has been significantly raised.

Essentially, to ensure that all data requested from DIB systems and networks would be handled according to the specifications set by the DoD, the CMMC verifies which contractors are capable of requesting CUI from the DoD, as well as assigning levels of CMMC clearance for accessible projects and information.

How to Prepare for Your Audit

One of the most powerful resources regarding improving, building, and implementing innovative techniques into your cybersecurity infrastructure has recently been revised, just in time to help companies achieve compliance for CMMC. The NIST SP 800-53 Revision 5 provides invaluable information that directly correlates with maturing your cybersecurity for better protections, security, and risk management procedures.

Domain Technology Group has had years of experience working with NIST frameworks, including providing several assessments for the FFIEC. Providing the necessary guidance, resources, and expertise to integrate the necessary NIST information into your cybersecurity network is a foremost service we can provide for your company. There’s no better way to prepare for an audit than with NIST resources and a company that knows how to use them.

One way or another, if you want to continue doing business with the DoD, you’ll need accreditation from a CMMC auditor in Harrisburg, PA. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.