SenseIT IoT and Covid-19 Vaccine

February 9th, 2021

With SenseIT IoT, Domain Technology Group is prepared to assist in the transport of the Covid vaccine’s critical “last mile” to ensure the vaccine’s arrive safely and securely without being compromised.  The complexity of planning and managing the “last mile” is clear as our nation attempts to roll out the vaccine as quickly and safely as possible.

Domain has developed a ground-breaking software application, SenseIT IoT, which can help to

  • Track GPS location.
  • Monitor temperature and light.
  • Salvage shipments by alerting one or many users of a potential temperature excursion.
  • Secure shipments by registering when and where the container was opened unexpectedly.
  • Monitor during shipment and at vaccination site.

SenseIT IoT runs on Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA and is highly scalable.  Adding new entities and users, as well as training them, takes only hours, not days. Above all, it allows responsible parties to salvage endangered vaccines.  It can also monitor while the vaccine is at a clinic.

In the CDC’s interim plan, loggers are used to determine if the vaccine has experienced a temperature excursion after the fact and after spoilage.  SenseIT IoT can prevent spoilage by alerting one or many people of an impending issue.  SenseIT IoT can improve the monitoring and safety of vaccine shipments from a hospital’s distribution center to remote vaccination clinics, thereby reducing spoilage.

Time limitation for implementation is not a problem as SenseIT IoT can be quickly and easily implemented with minimal training. Most importantly, multiple people will be alerted before a temperature excursion, based on recorded temperature trends.

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