Keeping Food Safe in Transit with Condition Monitoring

February 1st, 2021

Keeping Food Safe in Transit with Condition Monitoring:  What Can SenseIT IoT Sense?


Food shipments present one of the greatest challenges where safety is concerned. Not only do shipping companies need to comply with regulations, but they also want to maintain their reputations and reduce the cost incurred when a shipment is spoiled. Domain Technology’s SenseIT IoT (Internet of Things) can help with these vital and complex issues.

SenseIT IoT is an application in which sensors detect and report in real time the condition of a package or shipment.  The application then uploads the data from around the world to the cloud and stores it in an advanced data base on Microsoft Azure. Real time monitoring should be an integral element of protecting fresh produce throughout the supply chain.

When SenseIT IoT determines that a product is too hot, too cold, too humid or overly impacted, based upon preset thresholds, SenseIT sends an immediate alert to the product “owners,” in some cases facilitating their ability to salvage the shipment.  Fruit and vegetables are especially impacted by fluctuations in humidity, temperature, and vibration, while light exposure can influence the rate of color change during storage of the fruit.

What can SenseIT IoT sense?

  • GPS Location
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Tilt Axis X
  • Tilt Axis Y
  • Tilt Axis Z
  • Shock / Drop
  • Light

The report for each condition measured provides the following:

  • Date stamp
  • Time stamp
  • GPS location

And soon SenseiT will be able to detect

  • Co2 to support shipments of produce
  • Light (If a package is opened unexpectedly, SenseiT IoT will alert the product shipper.)

SenseIT readings are accurate.  In the case of temperature, they are accurate to 1/100th of a degree, and the sensors used by SenseIT are NIST certified.

The sensors can be assigned to individual pallets or cartons to provide discrete information for less-than-truckload (LTL) and smaller shipments. A continuous reading of location, temperature, humidity, shock, and other information can be streamed to track individual pallets and cartons rather than whole loads, a real benefit for the shipment of fruits and vegetables.

The benefit with SenseiT is knowing exactly where your shipments are and how they have been treated in order to ensure the optimal quality of your produce shipment.

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