Data Protection

Domain’s complete backup and data recovery packages include:

  • State-of-the-art, secure protection from viruses, malware, and unauthorized access
  • Easy accessibility to your data backups through our dedicated servers
  • Automatic backup of your company data throughout the day, every day
  • An offsite copy of your IT infrastructure that can be used as a replacement within minutes in the event of a system failure at your office
  • Monthly billing for your data protection services – with no additional costs for hardware or software

You need to have more than just an in-house backup of your information. Because one day, a catastrophic fire or flood could destroy your entire facility. Or, while a natural disaster may be unlikely, many other events – such as a server crash, virus, or other attack – could compromise your IT network. This could take you days to fix and replace if you do not have a plan for data backup and data recovery. Domain Technology Group’s Philadelphia and Reading, PA-based data protection specialists will help safeguard your most valuable information. So, your business can keep operating no matter what disaster comes your way.