Based on analysis from various assessments, Domain works with your team to “lock down” your network. For example, Domain may close unnecessary network ports (openings to the outside world) or implement new advanced firewalls and/or encrypting your data.

Domain recommends these changes to optimize your infrastructure and then continuously monitors the systems for intrusion attempts. Domain also implements security measures to protect all elements of a computer network (i.e. smart phones, tablets, workstations, etc).

Hackers commit to infiltrating systems on an ongoing basis. They are smart, inventive, well-funded, and patient. Often, nation-states such as China, North Korea, and Russia sponsor the intrusions. Therefore, Domain creates ongoing and updated defense mechanisms to stay ahead of intrusion and hacking attempts.

In many cases, securing a network begins with common sense, well-known security measures, and patch control. Yet many firms lack the discipline and oversight to implement, maintain, and monitor their system, leaving them open to cyber security threats.

Domain can provide tight cyber security through a well-thought-out security strategy and the measures necessary to maintain a secured network.